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Our Vision and Mission Stuff

Our Committee is tasked with assisting our members, congregations and presbyteries to fulfil the Denomination’s Mission Statement in the areas of Mission and Discipleship. We see it like this:

Holistically assisting Presbyteries in Planting, Developing and Maintaining congregations within the UPCSA.

To achieve this we see our work in five main areas:

    To promote and encourage a mindset around Mission, Discipleship and Church Growth.
    We will do this through Church Growth Forums, Conferences, Sharing Pertinent Theological Information and face-to-face contact with Presbyteries.
    We are very excited the proposed Order of Supportive Lay Ministries which will celebrate, bless, equip and encourage our members to respond to God’s call in various kinds of ministry. This will include the Church Development Evangelists and stipend support for financially challenged congregations. We also deal with minimum stipends and travel allowances.
    We would love to place great resources into the hands of our congregations and members. We make resources available on our website, we’ll explore a resource library, we will assist financially in sending people on courses and will develop materials that will assist members and presbyteries to grow and learn together.
    We offer financial assistance to congregations for buildings and ministry. This used to be called “grants” and were done in a piecemeal way – we hope to be much more strategic, proactive and holistic about this in the future.
    We would like to stimulate members, congregations and presbyteries to respond to God’s call to Mission (either in our circles of influence (Evangelism), in our community (Social Outreach)  or beyond our borders (Foreign Mission)